Our Mission:
The Aid Our Veterans mission is to help homeless and out of work veterans. We engage in a number of activities and projects to support our mission. The following is a list of projects and services we offer, or intend to offer in the  future

What We DO

Acquire Housing

Aid Our Veterans would like to acquire housing to be renovated as shelters for homeless veterans

Shelter Support

Aid Our Veterans supports veteran shelters through out the United States of America

VA Hospitals

Work with VA hospitals to place homeless veterans in shelters and find emergency bedding

Job Training

Aid Our Veterans helps with job training and work placement assistance

Provide Aid

Aid Our Veterans provides aid in the form of food, clothing, and furnishing on a case-by-case basis

Emergency Assistance

Aid Our Veterans provides emergency assistance with critical items such as rent, heating bills and medical costs

Vehicle Donation

Aid Our Veterans helps place donated vehicles with veterans in need of transportation for work

Community Outreach

Aid Our Veterans puts veterans to work doing community outreach and fund raising


Aid Our Veterans helps coordinate counseling when needed, visits to VA hospitals & rehabilitation centers

Want to know more on how we help veterans?

Or maybe you want to donate or assist with some of the services we listed above

Feel free to call us at (410) 391-8721 to help us help our veterans